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Chase Barefoot
Born in United States
22 days
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Death leaves a heartache, That no one can heal... Love leaves a memory, That no one can steal....

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Chase Mark Barefoot who was born in Orange County NC on March 5, 2006 and passed away on March 27, 2006. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Everything was going great. After 2 weeks at UNC Hapell Hill they told us we could get them moved closer to home. So we did. That was Thurday the 23 of March. We went to see them there and they looked so good and were no longer in NICU.  Sunday the 26 I get a phone at 7am saying they had put Chase back in NICU due to an infection and inflammation of the intestines.

    (Necrotizing enterocolitis) or (NEC) for short. Then they called back asking if they could give him blood and I said yes anything to help him. Then about 20 minutes later the Doctor called saying he was bad off. So we rushed up there as fast as we could. The song playing on this site is what came on the radio when were heading to the hospital. I took it as a sign after I found everything out. Well we get there and go see him. He looked so helpless. After about 2 hours the Doctors came and said they would like to do surgery so we did.  He was to weak to take down to the OR so they brought it up  to him.

    After about an hour and a half  they came in with the bad news.  It was past the point of no return. Most all of his intestines were dead. So then we had to make the choice to remove the vent or not. We said No. We stayed up there until about 10pm that night. Running back and forth to Chase and Chance. They were in two different places.

    We go back up there Monday the 27 and he was starting to look bad again. So me and Aaron talked and we did not want him just to lay there not opening his eyes or moving his arms and legs. So we the DRs we thought it was time for him to go. We called all the Grandparents in with us and at 9:30pm they removed the vent.

    He has done something in 22 days that takes us forever to do. Go to the most peaceful place you could be. HEAVEN!!!!

    Now we have to face the fact he is no longer here on earth with us. Also look at his Identical Twin and see what he would look like today and years down the road.

We just got Chase's head stone in today (5-25-06) I'm so happy the way it turned out. It made us all cry.  But now it seems so final. Everything has been done. I love you Chase. You will always be Mama's baby boy!!!


    Chase is an Identical Twin to Chance. They were took on  March 5, 2006 due to Twin to Twin Transfusion.  They were 9 weeks early. Chase was 2lbs 6oz and 13" long. Chance was 3lbs 1oz and 15" long.